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Native Plant Research and Conservation Center

Native Plant Research and Conservation Center

Purpose of this Center

Identify and centralize research conducted on native plants to make available and meet the needs of native seed and plant producers, researchers, students, landowners, small farmers, homeowners, landscapers, horticulturists, conservationists, native plant and wildlife enthusiasts.

Why Build This Center in Mid-Missouri?

There is not a central location where research, demonstration, and teaching can come together. Unlike traditional crops there has not been much research on management and biology of native plants. Knowing and disseminating this information can increase the effectiveness of the use of native plants in farms.

Why Should this Center be Located at the Bradford Research and Extension Center?

The Bradford Research & Extension Center (BREC) hosts 35 MU and USDA scientists from different disciplines. This facilitates collaboration between scientists and practitioners using native plants.

In addition, the benefits of adopting native plant conservation into traditional agriculture can be demonstrated -in situ- during field days, clinics, and workshops.

Who Will Fund this Center?

We have submitted a proposal to our Federal Elected Officials (White Paper) for funding of this center. We are seeking sources of funding from other sources.

What Can You Do To Help?

If you or your group would like to support the creation of this center please send letters to your elected officials. We have the support of MU officials and the Missouri Department of Conservation.