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2005 Annual Report: Field Day

The 17th annual Graves - Chapple Farm Field Day was held on August 23, 2005. Over 150 participants registered at the event.

The Atchison County Farm Bureau and the Missouri Soybean Association provided free soy flour doughnuts to the attendees. A pulled pork lunch was sponsored by the farm with ice cream sandwiches provided by MO Valley Ag. KMA Radio from Shenandoah and KFEQ Radio from St. Joseph conducted live remote broadcasts from the farm during the event.

Attendees could participate in three tours that highlighted some of the work being conducted on the farm. These tours were:

Red Tour – Pest/Nutrient Management

  • Stop 1 - Nitrogen Application Rate, Product and Timing Wayne Flanary
  • Stop 2 - Replant Desicions Travis Belt
  • Stop 3 - Milo: An Alternative Crop for NW MO? Bob Kelly
  • Stop 4 - Rootworm/Wireworm Update Wayne Bailey

White Tour – Crop Management

  • Stop 1 - Current Status of Soybean Rust Laura Sweets
  • Stop 2 – Soybean Aphid Update Erin Marlow
  • Stop 3 – Nozzle and Tip Selection for Fungicide Application Julie Abendorth
  • Stop 4 – Fall Applied Herbicide Programs Jim Wait

Blue Tour – Herbicide

  • Stop 1 - Soil Compaction and the Effect on Yield Craig Smith
  • Stop 2 - Buffer Strips as Wildlife Food Plots Louis Byford
  • Stop 3 - New Forages Amie Schleicher
  • Stop 4 - Wheat and Soybeans as Forage Shawn Deering

Inside the Main Bldg

The Nuts and Bolts of Yield Monitoring - Improving the Bottom Line Kent Shannon

After lunch concluded an additional walking tour was conducted to allow attendees to get some up-close, hands-on experience with several additional topics. The topics covered by tour leader Wayne Flanary included:

Tillage Pans
Soybean Fungicides
Gypsum in Crops
Soybean Seed Treatments

Ninety-six high school students from four area schools attended the first Student Field Day at the Graves-Chapple Farm on September 15. The theme for the day was "The Future of Agriculture". Most of the attendees are familiar with the production segment of agriculture. Therefore, presenters focused on the fact that the production part of agriculture is a very tiny piece of the overall agriculture system.

Each of the five learning stations was designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities for the students on some of the cutting edge technology used in today’s agriculture. The five learning stations were: Wayne Flanary, MU Extension regional agronomist, talked about biotechnology and genetics in today’s row crops; Erin Marlow MU Extension regional agronomist, showed various insects and talked about the damage they cause; Kent Shannon, state extension specialist, demonstrated how yield monitors and computer technology are used in today’s agriculture; CeCe Leslie, MU recruiter, handled out information on undergraduate programs at MU; and Dr. Tom Zweifel talked about opportunities in agriculture at Northwest Missouri State University.

Soy doughnuts were provided by the Atchison and Holt County Farm Bureaus. A lunch of hotdogs and hamburgers was provided by the farm and local area businesses and prepared by the Rock Port Rotary club.