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2005 Annual Report: Effect of Quadris Fungicide on Soybean Yields


Demonstrate the effectiveness of different fungicides on soybean rust. The demonstration was setup to have an early treatment of Quadris; then, if soybean rust appeared, use the plot area for other fungicide treatments as a split plot design.

Materials and Methods

Quadris fungicide was applied at 12.3 ounces per acre. The label indicates rates of 12.3 to 15.4 oz/A for control of Anthracnose, Alternaria Leaf Blight, Brown Spot, Cercospora Blight and Leaf Spot, Frogeye Leafspot and Pod and Stem Blight. Aerial control of blight and soybean rust have labeled rates of 6.2 to 15.4 oz/A. The application was made July 21 at the R5 stage. The center four rows of the six row plots were harvested for yield.

Crop Management Info
Planting Date: May 10
Herbicides: Roundup
Hybrid: Garst 120310
Insecticides: None
Population: 162,000 seeds/acre
Row Width: 30-inch

Demonstration Design
Replications: 3
Design: Randomized Block
Size: 15 X 520
Statistics: Analysis of Variance


Yield was significantly increased with the fungicide application with LSD (0.05) of 0.65 bushels.