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2005 Annual Report: Effect of Lime Products on No-till Soybean Yield


Demonstrate the effect of different liming products top-dressed on no-till plots. Secondly, demonstrate different liming rates ranging from 0 to 6 ton lime top-dressed on no-till plots.

Methods and Materials

Lime materials were top-dressed to standing corn on June 2. The quarry lime contained 377 ENM per ton and the pelleted lime contained 580 lb ENM per ton.

The lime materials were applied late but this was necessary for the lime to activate for next year’s soybean crop. The pH of the site ranges from 5.2 to 5.4.

Crop Management Info
Planting Date: May 5, 2005
Herbicides: Dual + Atrazine
Hybrid: Golden Harvest H9359
Insecticides: Lorsban
Population: 28,500 seeds/acre
Row Width: 30-inch

Demonstration Design
Replications: 3
Design: Randomized Block
Size: 10’ X 30’
Statistics: Analysis of Variance


Lime did not have time to activate this season. There was not a significant difference among products. Also, corn can tolerate a lower pH than soybean.

Also, there was not a significant difference between lime rates on corn yield.