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2005 Annual Report: Effect of Nitrogen Sources and Rates on Winter Wheat Yields


Demonstrate the effectiveness of different dry nitrogen sources on winter wheat yields.

Materials and Methods

Truman soft winter wheat was planted late October of 2004. The wheat was no-tilled into corn residue. Ammonium nitrate, ESN (polymer coated urea manufactured by Agrium) and urea were used as fertilizer sources. The ESN and Urea were combined as a treatment in a ratio of 25% ESN and 75% Urea.

Crop Management Info
Planting Date: Late October
Herbicides: None
Hybrid: Truman soft red winter
Insecticides: None
Population: Thinned in treatments
Row Width: 9-inch

Demonstration Design
Replications: 3
Design: Randomized Block
Size: 15 X 30
Statistics: Analysis of Variance


There was not any significant difference in dry nitrogen sources.

There was a significant yield increase from the 0 to 60 pound nitrogen rate across all forms of nitrogen. However, there was not a significant yield increase beyond 60 pounds.