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2005 Annual Report: Impact of Stand Loss on No-till Corn Yield


Demonstrate the impact of corn stand loss on yield.

Materials and Methods

Corn was planted and thinned to 6 different populations at the V-4 growth stage.

Crop Management Info
Planting Date: April 18; April 25; May 5
Herbicides: Dual + Atrazine
Hybrid: Pioneer 31G68; Pioneer 33P62; Golden Harvest H9359
Insecticides: Lorsban
Population: Thinned in treatments
Row Width: 30-inch

Demonstration Design
Replications: 3
Design: Randomized Block
Size: 10 X 30
Statistics: Analysis of Variance


The Pioneer Hybrid 31G68 was planted April 18 and Pioneer 33P62 was planted April 25. The data indicates a significant yield decline as corn population was lost. It is important to realize that the yield potential of this location is over 200 bushels.

Another hybrid, Golden Harvest H9359 planted May 5, was hand thinned at the Heitman farm location on the west side of Interstate 29. This location contains a heavy, poorly drained soil with a lower yield potential. Populations greater than 24,000 did not indicate a yield loss.