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2005 Annual Report: Effect of Sulfur Fertilizer on Corn Yield


Demonstrate the effect of sulfur fertilizer on corn yield.

Methods and Materials

The sulfur plots had a rate of 20 pounds actual sulfur applied in the form of ammonium sulfate. The nitrogen in the ammonium sulfate was credited and the rate of ammonium nitrate adjusted so the sulfur treated plots and check each received 200 pounds of nitrogen.

Crop Management Info
Planting Date: April 25, 2005
Herbicides: Dual + Atrazine
Hybrid: Pioneer 33P62
Insecticides: Lorsban
Population: 28,500 seeds/acre
Row Width: 30-inch

Demonstration Design
Replications: 6 East Site, 3 West Site
Design: Randomized Block
Size: 10 X 30
Statistics: Analysis of Variance


There was not any significant response to the addition of sulfur fertilizer at either site.