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2006 Annual Report: The Effect of Corn Planting Date on Yield


Demonstrate the impact of planting date on no-till corn yield.

Methods and Materials

Three corn hybrids were planted on four different dates.

Planting Dates: April 10, May 11, May 23, June 6
Herbicides: PRE: Glyphosate + Dual + Atrazine + Callisto; Post: Accent + Clarity
Hybrid: Pioneer 31G68, Pioneer 34A16, Pioneer 33K40
Insecticides: Lorsban Banded 8oz/1000ft


Corn yields were reduced from early and late planting dates in both years. The results are summarized in Table 1 below.

The 2005 test plots suffered a yield reduction from stand loss caused by three frosts in April.

During 2006, one hybrid was sensitive to early planting in all three replications which lowered the early April planting yield.

Check with your seed dealer to determine which hybrids are suited to early planting.