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2006 Annual Report: Field Day

The 18th annual Graves - Chapple Farm Field Day was held on August 22, 2006. Over 150 participants registered at the event. The Atchison County Farm Bureau and the Missouri Soybean Association provided free soy flour doughnuts to the attendees. A pulled pork lunch was sponsored by the farm with ice cream sandwiches provided by MO Valley Ag. KMA Radio from Shenandoah and KFEQ Radio from St. Joseph conducted live remote broadcasts from the farm during the event.

After lunch, Wayne Flanary conducted an additional walking tour to allow attendees to get some up-close, hands-on experience with the right-of-way brush control project.

Attendees could participate in three tours that highlighted some of the work being conducted on the farm. These tours were:

Red Tour – Pest/Nutrient Management

  • Stop 1 - Agrotain’s Effect on the Movement of Urea, Dr. Peter Scarf
  • Stop 2 - New Insect Pests and Results of Insecticide Seed Treatments, Dr. Wayne Bailey
  • Stop 3 - Soybean Fungicides, Wayne Flanary

White Tour – Crop Management

  • Stop 1 - Current Forage Trends, Amie Schleicher
  • Stop 2 - Tillage System Economics, Bob Kelly
  • Stop 3 - Managing Soybean Rust with Different Soybean Maturities, Bruce Burdick

Blue Tour – Herbicide

  • Stop 1 - Yield Loss From a One Pass System, Julie Abendroth
  • Stop 2 – Glyphosate Tolerant weeds, Travis Legleiter
  • Stop 3 – Fall Applied Herbicide Update and the Impact on Next Year’s Crops, Nick Monnig