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2006 Annual Report: Effect of Lime Products on No-till Soybean Yield


Demonstrate the effect of different liming products on soybean yields and acidity levels when applied on top of the soil and allowed to move downward.

Methods and Materials

Quarry lime with an ENM of 377 per ton and a pelleted lime with an ENM of 580 per ton were applied to plots. The quarry lime was applied June of 2005 as a one-time application and 200 pounds of pelleted lime material has been applied annually before planting. The pHs of the site ranged from 5.2 to 5.4. Soil samples were taken at 1-inch increments and analyzed for pHs to indicate the movement of the surface-applied materials into the soil.


There were no significant differences between products and respective soybean yields.

effect of lime products on Soybeen Yield

Lime is moving downward into the soil, neutralizing soil acidity. The quarry lime which had more total ENM is neutralizing the pHs while the pelleted lime does not have enough total material containing ENM to adjust the pHs.

pHs change with surface applied lime