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2006 Annual Report: Effect of Quarry Lime Application Rates on Soybean Yield


Demonstrate the effect of different quarry lime application rates on soybean yields.

Methods and Materials

effect of liming on 2006 soybean yield

The area was fall chiseled in October of 2004 and leveled with disking. Lime was applied June of 2005 over the top of standing corn. The quarry lime contained 377 ENM per ton. The pHs of the site ranged from 5.2 to 5.4. Lime rates were from 0 to 6 tons of lime, surface applied, and allowed to move into the soil without tillage to incorporate.


Time between application and when soybeans were harvested was 16 months. Soybean yields varied as part of the plot area had standing water. Soybean yield from the 6-ton liming rate was significantly different from the check. Soybean yields trended higher than the check.