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2006 Annual Report: Effect of Soybean Planting Date and Row Spacing on Soybean Yields


Examine if earlier planting will result in increased soybean yields and if there is an interaction between row spacing and planting date.

Methods and Materials

Three soybean varieties were planted in 15 and 30-inch rows at four planting dates: April 21, May 11, May 25 and June 6.

Planting Date: Varied based on treatment
Herbicides: Burndown: Glyphosate + 2,4-D + Dual; Post: Glyphosate
Hybrid: Pioneer 93M11, Pioneer 93M90, Pioneer 94M30
Population: 150,000 seeds/acre
Row Width: 15 and 30-inch


No significant differences were found between the first three planting dates. However, there was a significant difference between the April 11 and June 6 planting date. At this time we are not reporting any row spacing information but we will be repeating this demonstration in the future.

effect of planting date on soybean yield