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2006 Annual Report: Demonstration of Syngenta One Pass Herbicides in Corn


With the increasing number of acres producers are farming and the uncertain weather patterns, there has been some interest in one pass herbicide programs for corn. These are programs that utilize a preplant herbicide only with no post emergence weed control.

Syngenta Crop Protection contacted us regarding some of their one pass programs. We agreed to do some field demonstrations to evaluate these programs.

Methods and Materials

Three different herbicide treatments were compared; two one pass programs and a conventional two pass program. Each plot consisted of 12 rows planted on 30-inch spacing and 700 feet long. Pfister 3356RR seed was no-till planted into soybean stubble on May 17, 2006 at a rate of 28,800 seeds/acre. Harvest was conducted on October 4, 2006.

These were demonstration plots only. No weed counts were compiled to determine weed pressure in each plot, with the assumption being that weed pressure would be similar across the study since this field had been part of a single study the previous 3 years and was divided for the purpose of this demonstration. The only data collected was a comparison of yield.