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(SOY1101, SOY1201)

K. Nelson, J. Case, D. Harder, and R. Smoot

Identity preserved soybean research was initiated to help farmers make informed decisions regarding value-added soybean production. Clear hilum soybean are raised for use in tofu or soymilk production. Natto soybean are small, clear hilum soybean and are processed into a fermented soy foods called natto. Research was initiated to evaluate grain yield of various specialty soybean varieties compared with traditional soybean commonly raised in Northern Missouri. This research included two clear hilum, two natto, two soybean sprout, and one Roundup ReadyŽ variety (Table 1).

Clear hilum, natto, sprout, and Roundup ReadyŽ soybean were planted near Novelty and Shelbyville, MO on June 20, 2001 and June 12, 2001, respectively, in conventionally tilled soil. Soybean were planted in 30 inch wide-rows at 140,000 seeds/acre. Plot size was 10 by 30 ft with five replications at Novelty and 10 by 35 ft with six replications at Shelbyville. Plots were arranged in a randomized complete block design. Plots were harvested with a small-plot combined and grain yield adjusted to 13% moisture. Data were subjected to ANOVA and means separated using Fisher's Protected LSD (P<0.05). Data were combined over location since no interaction was observed.

Asgrow 3701 grain yield was over five bu/a greater than other soybean cultivars evaluated in this research. Clear hilum and sprout soybean grain yield was similar. Natto soybean grain yield was 38 to 39 bu/a. Economic and marketing considerations need to be evaluated when producing identity preserved soybean cultivars.

Additional information on organic production systems and organic soybean is available from your local extension agronomist. In Northeast Missouri, contact Dr. Leon McIntyre (Linn Co.) or Dr. Alix Carpenter (Marion Co.) for additional information on identity preserved soybean production or marketing. Continued research has been planned at the Greenley Memorial Research Center in 2002.

Table 1. Clear hilum, sprout, natto, and Roundup ReadyŽ soybean height and grain yield in 2001 (Soy1101 and Soy1201)

Cultivar Type Height Yield

inches bu/acre
LB4022 natto/sprout 35 38.8
LB3622 natto/sprout 33 39.4
Big Bubba (BB45) clear hilum 37 42.4
BB 3559A clear hilum 34 42.2
N7484 sprout 38 41.4
Willcross 9640 sprout 39 39.7
Asgrow 3701 Roundup ReadyŽ 36 48.1^^
LSD (p<0.05) 1 2.7

^Grain yield was not significantly less than the highest yielding variety. ^^ Highest yielding variety.
--- Data not available

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