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2012 Fertilizer and Ag Lime Funded Proposals

Managing Phosphorus, Manganese and Glyphosate Interactions to Increase Soybean Yields
Felix B. Fritschi and James H. Houx III

Benefits of Lime Placement on Grain Yield Response and Remediation of Acid Subsoils
Kelly Nelson, Peter Scharf, and Peter Motavalli

Liming to Reduce Ergovaline Concentration in Toxic Tall Fescue Pastures
Craig Roberts, Robert Kallenbach, and John Lory

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management of Temporarily Flooded Soils to Improve Corn Production and Reduce Environmental N Loss
Peter Motavalli, Kelly Nelson, and Ranjith Udawatta

Impact of Fertilization Rate and Harvest Management on Cool-Season Grass Hay Yields, Forage Quality, and Hay Production Economics
Gene Schmitz, Todd Lorenz, Kent Shannon, Joni Harper, Wendy Flatt, Brent Carpenter, and Rob Kallenbach

Timing and Source of Nitrogen for Corn
Peter Scharf

Enhanced Efficiency Liquid N Applications for Corn
Kelly Nelson, Peter Motavalli, and Bruce Burdick

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