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2013 Fertilizer and Ag Lime Funded Proposals

Comparison of Impregnated Dry Fertilizer with S and Zn to Blends for Corn
Kelly Nelson, Bruce Burdick, Peter Motavalli, Manjula Nathan

Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources to Enhance Tolerance and Recovery of New Corn Hybrids to Excessive Soil Moisture
Peter Motavalli, Kelly Nelson, Felix Fritschi

Importance of micronutrients in maximizing corn yield
Felix B. Fritschi and James H. Houx III

Additional "quarter minus" materials research
David Dunn and Gene Stevens

How is Urea Volitization Effected by Soil Moisture and Temperature?
David Dunn

Evaluation of Micronutrient Packages for Cool-season grass Pastures
Robert L. Kallenbach

Silicon and Lime as Soil Amendments for Rice to Reduce Arsenic Levels in Grain
Gene Stevens, David Dunn, Matt Rhine, and Jim Heiser

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