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2015 Fertilizer and Ag Lime Funded Proposals

Evaluation of Commercial Micronutrient Fertilizer Packages for Corn, Soybeans, and Rice
Gene Stevens and Matthew Rhine

Fertilizer and Hormone Applications at Heading to Reduce Chalkiness in Rice Grains
Gene Stevens and Matthew Rhine

Managing Phosphorus for Maximum Cover Crop and Soil Health Benefit
Timothy Reinbott and Dr. Randall Miles

On-Farm Rescue Nitrogen Applications for Corn
Peter Scharf

Optimal Placement of Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Corn
Peter Motavalli and Kelly Nelson

Sensor-based variable-rate N: Long-term performance in corn and cotton
Peter Scharf

Spread it and Forget it: Spoon-feeding Tall Fescue Pastures
Robert L. Kallenbach and Brett T. Jones

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